I’ve spent the last few months telling all of you exactly why my baby is special, but now, as the semester draws to a close, I feel that I should also make it clear that I am not alone in thinking so. There are, in fact, other people who think that the Everyman’s Library is a pretty amazing thing, other people who think it is worth something. There are plenty of people who actually collect the books from this specific library.

The University of North Carolina’s Wilson Library hosted an exhibit for such people back in January of 2008. It was called “The ABCs of Collecting Everyman’s Library,” and it was so popular that it didn’t close until April 12, 2008, almost a full month after the original end date. The exhibit showcased over one hundred Everyman’s Library books, along with advertisements, bookmarks, and business records from the J. M. Dent & Sons archives. Terry Seymour, the author of A Guide to Collecting Everyman’s Library, was asked to speak at the event; you can find a copy of his speech here.

As it turns out, the website that I found months ago, that proved to be a treasure trove of information on the Everyman’s Libary, was originally created to be a companion to Terry Seymour’s bookSomehow this new discovery makes me feel like I’ve come full circle in my research, like I’m back at the beginning now that I’ve reached the end.

The Everyman's Library

So there you have it. I am certainly not alone in my new love for this Library; if I were, why in the world would a school like UNC host a four-month exhibit on it?