Let’s get back to my baby, then.So far I have told you all about my baby as an individual, as well as her father, Mr. J. M. Dent, but I have sadly only mentioned my baby’s mother in passing. Today, I am going to right that grievous wrong and indulge myself in one post about my baby’s mother and my favorite author, Miss Jane Austen.


An engraving, based on a portrait of Jane

Jane was born on December 16, 1775, to Rev. Austen and his wife, Cassandra. She was the seventh of their eight children, and the second of their two daughters. At the proper age, Jane was sent to boarding school for her education, and her interest in writing was evident early on in her life. Her novels were published by her brother Henry’s efforts, all in quick succession between the years of 1811 and 1817. Unfortunately, Jane died on July 18, 1817, five months before her last publications took place.

But don’t let the time period she lived in fool you about Jane herself; despite the century, Jane was a rather modern woman. Obviously, she was a female writer–and a published one, at that. In all, her published works reached a total of six books that are now treasured classics.

However, Jane’s modern ideas also touched her personal life; you see, Jane followed her heart. She bluntly refused to marry for material gain; only love could provoke her to marriage, not unlike several of her books’ many characters. Because of this particular modern idea, Jane never married. Although there were men she could love and men she could marry in her life, she apparently never found someone she could both marryandlove.

Jane Austen was a woman ahead of her time, and certainly a mother of whom my baby can be proud.


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