Every good bibliophile deserves a nice way to keep track of their books, to mark them as their own. For some, this may mean simply inscribing one’s name inside the front cover, but others may prefer something more personal, like a bookplate.

That being said, this week, I will describe my dream bookplate. I’ve spent a good bit of time thinking about how I would like it to look, and I’ve drawn up a couple of prototypes, first a rough sketch then a pastel drawing. This also helps me decide who would draw my dream bookplate:  me.

First draft of my bookplate

Every item present in my bookplate has a deeper meaning that relates to my feelings about books, but let’s begin with the colors used. The turquoise color of the background symbolizes open communication and emotional balance, as well as elevation of thought and peace. The ivory color of the remaining elements symbolizes quiet, pleasantness, and elegance.

The actualy items used in my dream bookplate also signify the way I feel about books. The trees are symbols of knowledge and life, and the number of trees (four) symbolizes stability and the feeling of being at home. The dove, as a bird in general, is a symbol of freedom and flight, but as a dove specifically, it is a symbol of peace, constancy, and good tidings.

In general, all of these things represent my feelings for books remarkably well, but there is also a more personal meaning involved for me. My bookplate design makes me think of the woods behind my home, which have always been a safe haven for me. Whenever I needed calm, inspiration, quiet, or just to be alone, the woods were always where I went. This is also true for books; I go to books for those same things.

Wet Pastel version of my bookplate