A page from my baby

 Well, I thought to myself, I guess this is it for now…

I have spent the better part of the week poring over my baby’s pages and searching for a match in its typography. Thankfully, a blog on typography was quickly discovered that guided me in the right direction. I tried all the font search engines it suggested, answering questionnaires on Identifont, submitting pictures of my baby on WhatTheFont… but there seemed to be an insurmountable wall between the answer I sought and me.

All the results were different, and each result made only one appearance in my research. Finally, much to my relief, I did find a method in the madness; even though it was never the same version, the name Caslon (a type created in the 18th century by William Caslon) kept appearing in the search results. This was it; I had a real lead.

So with my newfound information in mind, I narrowed my search down to strictly Caslon fonts. After straining my eyes comparing the fonts I found to the font on my baby’s page, I really thought I had found a match. Williams Caslon seemed to match my font in almost every way; the only thing that didn’t match up exactly was the Q. Unfortunately, the dates did not match up so well:  My baby was printed in 1926, and Williams Caslon was not released until 2010.

The lead ran dry after that, along with the amount of time I had left for my research. However, I am not giving up hope. I know now that my baby’s typography belongs to the family of fonts first created by William Caslon, and I will not stop searching until I find what I am looking for. My baby deserves to know its font!